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Well regular visitors to the site will have noticed that this has not been updated for nearly a year.
Strangely enough this does not mean that I have had nothing going on in my life!! Quite the opposite in fact!! I thought perhaps if I wrote a sort of calendar of events to give a general picture you might get the idea, then I may elaborate on a few things!

November 05 : I moved into the shed at last, despite not having a permanent power supply (Our electrician had a nasty car crash). The extension lead system worked well an it was a joy to spread myself out and be able to find things!

December 05 : My youngest cat (Robin) collapsed with breathing difficulties (ie he was actually drowning inside) and was found to have a congenital heart condition. Being determined that he would not die before Christmas, we had a rather traumatic time during which he did not eat for three weeks and I had to resort to forced feeding and hydration. Strangely enough, one of my older cats saved the day. Guilhem (the big ,fat, hairy, apparently useless one) started hunting and took over feeding the baby!! This along with the regular drugs Robin now takes helped him pull through. He still gets the odd treat brought home for him when he is having a bad day!


In the midst of all this Amber took her flute Diploma, all dressed up and only 15!!


Guilhem featured on the  ‘Stuff on my cat website’- Hurrah!




Thus we managed to enjoy Christmas (though we were all rather tired!), the high point being Aidan’s joy at his new Doll’s House and the furniture I gave him for his birthday on the 27th.



January 06 : Aidan got to use his new sledge out with Daddy!! I was nice and warm in my lovely, lovely shed!! (working hard to catch up for Miniatura)


February 06 : Oh dear, one of the budgies died! So we welcomed Miss Bianca to the family as a new life partner for Billy (now 10 years old)!

Amber played in the Broadland Music Festival, winning most of her classes and achieving the highest mark in the Festival in one! Meanwhile (on the same day quite inconveniently) Douglas danced in his first festival and got a second place medal in his class!


March 06 : Miniatura was early this year (OK I know I have plenty of warning but it always takes me by surprise!) Thanks to everyone who made it such a good show!

Amber played in a fantastic County Youth Orchestra concert, we were all very proud.

Mr. Sponge (our third cat) decided he wasn’t getting enough attention and decided to have most of his teeth taken out (well perhaps he wouldn’t have chosen it initially, but he was much happier afterwards!)

Our Electrician friend returned to work, gave himself a double hernia and decided to go back on sick leave again for a while!

George remained elusive when approached with a camera

April 06 : OK this month probably takes the prize for elevated stress factors! Not only was I approached by Quarto to write the synopsis and produce three finished project page spreads for a book, on a very short deadline, but my mother threw a complete wobbly over Easter and ended up in hospital after she had  burst oesophageal varices . (If you don’t know what this is you are probably better off in ignorance, but basically it produces what is termed a ‘significant’ bleed from the throat.) Not fun, very scary, very dangerous, very messy.
So I arrived at the hospital at about 1.30 am not knowing what I would find when I got there…and there she was being jolly with the resuscitation unit staff!!! She did admit that yes she probably should stay in hospital for a while and they managed to hang on to her for 10 days before she quite happily went home (very slowly and carefully mind you!)

And yes I kept to my publisher’s deadline!

May 06 : Amber started her GCSEs this month, with one or two early ones.

I went down to London with a suitcase full of prepared material for the Quarto shoot. Apart from initially being sent to the wrong studio, the day was fun if a little hectic. We were doing mostly stage by stage stuff for projects ( this was general polymer clay stuff, not miniatures).

Douglas and I were in London on the weekend of the Kensington festival, so we popped in for a visit. I’ve never been to a Dolls’ House Fair before…aren’t they fun!!!

Meanwhile my mother admitted to a pain in her side and ended up in hospital for another 10 days with Pneumonia and pleurisy!!!!!!

June 06 :  Amber’s GCSEs continued until the middle of the month. Douglas had to miss his last session at the Royal Ballet (for those of you who are new to all this, he has lessons down in London with the Royal Ballet school once a week during term time) as the dog decided she needed some attention and collapsed with a pyometra (womb infection) with additional complications, which is incredibly serious and it’s only thanks to the skill and dedication of her vet and the nursing staff that she survived!

It also cost me a vast (unbelievable) sum of money!! Hang on in there guys we are not finished yet……..

Next weekend Douglas decided to get in on the action and produced appendicitis!!!!!!!!!!! They kept him under observation for three days (nil by mouth all that time) before they decided to operate. But he had keyhole surgery, which meant that although he could not dance for six weeks, he was fit enough to go on holiday to Italy with his father!

July 06 : Amber gave a stunning performance at her prize giving concert. She was awarded her grade 8, her Diploma and a few other prizes including her teacher’s prize for best pupil! (Hurrah!!)


Kevin’s brother got married and Kevin was best man with Aidan a page boy. My how smart they looked!! We all had a fantastic day.



Douglas was fit enough to attend a week long Summer school at White Lodge with the Royal Ballet School (Thankfully)

The Quarto thing doesn’t appear to have come to anything, which I am actually quite thankful for, I don’t think I would have had time to write a book along with everything else that has gone on this summer! There may be some take up in the future though as I am now on their books with a product to sell.

August 06: Spent another week travelling down to London and back each day (yes we got up at 5am) to the Royal Academy of Dance in Battersea as Douglas had an intensive pre-exam course there. During this time, our now recovered electrician came and finished wiring in the shed properly!!!! Real light switches, fuse boxes and allsorts!


*******Amber got her results…5 A’s and 5A*s…Hurrah, Hurrah!*******

September 06 : Amber enrolled at Norwich City College to study English, History of Art, Textiles and Photography. (A levels)

Managed to make it to Lichfield to teach a Halloween workshop to the Midlands Area group of the British Polymer Clay Guild, even though it was a week before Miniatura!! Great fun day.
Miniatura was also very good, thank you again to everyone who came.

Finally managed to get the credit card system sorted out, so everyone can really splash out now!!

October 06 : Ok so this is my intensive working time producing extra stock for my Philadelphia show in November….so….Douglas gets chosen to understudy a part in Coppelia  with the Royal Ballet Company in the Opera House Covent Garden….back to London we go…….for about a fortnight of rehearsals. He didn’t actually get to dance in any performances after all that, but he worked with the company and director so it was all good experience.

With all my travel plans in place and all the stock repriced in Dollars, Amber and I were ready to go.

We managed to get the Halloween pumpkin carved as well!


November 06 : Yes we actually made it to Philadelphia and back, we had a fantastic time (see report page) and I finally sat down to update all this………

So, as you  can see the year has been exciting to say the least! But it has been very good despite the odd trauma here and there, nobody died ( apart from one budgie…oh and now a Guinea pig as I update this…really, just today as I was writing this out) and we are all very happy with our achievements during the year. Looking forward to Christmas now and really getting down to some work……. …oh yes, PS Douglas has just broken his thumb! (I literally had to stop editing this and take a trip to casualty with him……so life continues as normal really!!!!!)


Last Note: RIP Robin - Favorite little cat aged 2 1/2 , Valentine's Day 2007