Halloween Garden

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This has been the largest commission to date.

This took nearly three years from the original concept to final delivery! The time lag had a lot to do with the fact that work had to be carried out in stages and construction work had to move out of the cupboard workshop and onto the kitchen table (mostly in the middle of the night!). This was also a first attempt at lighting and utilized 31 LEDs and about 5 bulbs very successfully (after a pretty steep learning curve and crash course in soldering!)
The whole piece was delivered by car from Norwich to Glasgow and survived intact. Though free personal delivery like this is not usually an option, negotiations may be entered into if other options are impossible!

Dundee Dragon



Skeleton & Tree

Wishing Well


Wheelbarrow detail

Base Construction

Pond position

Pond wiring

Work in progress

Greenhouse Kit

Fence layout

Aged woodwork

Bench wiring



Useful clamps

Lit Pond

Lit Faces

Lit Fungi

Glowing Compost

Caught in the act!

Sticky business !

Finished Garden - small picture file

Finished Garden - Large picture file

Finished Garden (again)- Small picture file

Finished Garden (again) - Large picture file

Final Handover!

Welcome to the Garden!