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Show News:
As usual we did Miniatura twice last year, until recently these have been our only shows. Always good to be at, thank you to everyone who visits, we are glad to be there to entertain you! We hereby apologise to anyone situated in the vicinity of our stall who takes life seriously and is out for a quiet time. We do tend to attract a load of rowdies (and they are the best, fun people in the hall!!) Thanks again to Amber for her help, sorry to all of those people who have known us since she was a baby, yes time is really passing that fast!! Next time I think I shall have to take a box to stand on, I feel like I am turning into a midget!

Minnie Mouse

Due to persuasion from certain parties, (Namely Sue Thwaite of Ladybug Fairies ) we took the plunge (though it had been a long-term plan for some time) and decided to branch out into America. We have just returned from Philadelphia (see the write up on its own page Philadelphia Review ) which was a fantastic experience.

Now bear with us here, we have also agreed to go to Chicago in March….yes Miniatura is in March….yes, there is only one week between them…..yes we are doing both….!!!!!!! (Aaaaarrrgh!) So please excuse us if we seem a little jumpy next time we meet! The plan is to make enough stock to have a whole show ‘kit’ packed ready for Chicago before we go to Birmingham (Ha,ha,ha,ha!) OK, I’m off out to the shed………

Show Schedule:

March 24th & 25th 2007 – Miniatura – NEC Birmingham
March 30th, 31st & 1st April – Chicago International (Tom Bishop) – Hyatt Regency, Woodfield
***NEW DATE  May 11th-13th - Kensington Dolls House Festival, Kensington Town Hall,London***
June 16th & 17th – Scottish Miniatura – Murrayfield, Edinburgh
September 29th & 30th – Miniatura – NEC Birmingham
November 2nd, 3rd & 4th – Philadelphia Miniaturia – Crowne Plaza, Cherry Hill , plus two workshops (Crazy Covered chair and Fossils) now confirmed on Thursday 1st(all day) and Friday 2nd(afternoon)

Financial News:

Credit Cards:
Although we plan to carry on with using paypal for sales from the website, we are now able to process credit cards at shows and on phoned or written orders or commissions. So if you want to buy something from the website and would prefer to pay us directly using your credit or debit card, please write or phone to do this. Obviously it would be best to email first to reserve the item, but please don’t email your card details!
We can accept Visa, Mastercard, Solo, Maestro (UK only) and American Express.
It took a lot of organising and is quite expensive for us to use, but we hope it will be helpful to all our valued customers!

Simply email to let us know what you wish to buy and you will receive a Paypal invoice including all P&P and postal insurance as applicable. Paypal will then notify us on receipt of your payment and the item(s) can be posted immediately!

NB We have tried this out successfully with an invoice sent out on a Thursday and the goods arriving at their destination in New Zealand on the following Monday!!

Shed news:

     "That Cupboard"
Hey, look, a studio with a (nearly) resident artist !!

Shed Newsflash

As mentioned elsewhere, the shed is really up and running now. Although it does have a tendency to get messy on a regular basis, it is lovely to be able to clear everything away into its proper place!

Messy shed...                                                             ...Tidy shed!      

(Aidan has a work area of his own (well actually it is my packing and photography spot, but don’t tell him!) and often accompanies me outside in the evenings and on weekends when I am not in London. He has his own polymer clay as well as general art materials and is often found making bits and pieces for his doll’s house (actually he is scarily good – I think he is planning on taking over the business when I get too senile and nobody understands what I am going on about any more …don’t say it…. I know I’m pushing my luck a bit already!) He is most likely dyslexic judging by all the signs apparent so far, we are trying to get him statemented at the moment as he is moving up to middle school at the end of the year. As a ‘symptom’ of this he is absolutely amazing at art. He draws using perspective and apparent 3D, very, very accurately (he is 6 years old) and has declared his intent to be an artist when he grows up (oh well there goes my plan of being supported financially in my old age……)

DAB radio and oven                                                 Reference Books

Work in progress...                                      ...on different days

Anyway (back to the shed), I have my oven and a fridge, a phone, storage space, tools and materials, bookshelves, the aforementioned packing and photography area and an office desk which will have a networked computer at some in the future! Plus now I have proper wired in lights and heaters, smoke alarm and extractor hood, DAB radio and Venetian blinds…..ah bliss….no I don’t have a coffee machine…if I did that I would never come out!!!!
There might even be room to run very exclusive workshops in there in the future…it’s just a question  of time really!

The Shed Saga     The shed story has now out grown the news page, so please click this link
                           to view current progress!

Work in progress:

    Fancy cabinets (my painting)                             Fancy cabinet (my 'marble')

                          Fountain revamp                               Customer's roof, awaiting dragon        

Kevin’s News:

Kevin is very busy with work at the moment, with an ever expanding customer base.
His website KJB Woodcarving is slowly expanding too, but has to take second place to all the other extra jobs he has to do, like looking after the house, family and pets, whilst certain members of the family swan off to America!

Kevin getting into his work                     Taking Amber on a business trip  

Workshop news:

I managed to do a workshop for the midlands regional group of the British Polymer Clay guild, the weekend before Autumn Miniatura (yes I just like to make things difficult for myself obviously!) on the theme of Halloween. Much fun had by all, thanks again to Gaynor for her hospitality.
I shall be returning on 9th September 2007, for a ‘Pigeons and Doves’ workshop.
***Workshops confirmed for Philadelphia 2007 - Covered chair and fossils***
More local workshops are always a possibility, and part of the general long-term plan, but nothing definite yet! Watch this space!

Mailing List:

If you would like to be emailed occasionally with website updates and other news, please email here.
NB If you wish to be removed from this list at any time  simply email ‘No thank you’.
The contents of this mailing list will remain private and used solely for communications concerning this website or commissioned work.

Stuff on my cat news:

As Guilhem managed to make it onto my favourite website  this year, I made a special cat and sent it to the website originator, Mario Garza. I constructed it using suggestions from the site’s numerous regular contributors and it was well received, with much hilarity all round.


For those of you who really cannot imagine what I am talking about, please see link below.

Really Odd websites:

Just to let you know what Alex does when she should really be working, here are a few websites that have been amusing her recently

Morphed animal photos : can ‘t say too much about the site as it is in some Cyrillic language but the photos may provide some inspiration in the future…commissions anyone?

Stupid, stupid pictures of cats – anyone who lives with a cat will understand these on some level – though most are rather more cheesy than our cats would stand for! 

Another cat site. Be warned this is not totally politically correct in places. Not for people who think cats are fluffy sweet harmless and chocolate boxy. Some moderately strong language, drug and sexual references- very, very funny for anyone who really understands the true depths of a cats personality! Look at your own risk!!

And for the vegetarians amongst you…..

Old news:

Now here is something from the archive! - No I'm not doing them this small again.......ever.......really!

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