Shed 2

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......and the story continues......


 Modern insulation makes the shed look like the inside of a spaceship... briefly, until the board goes in



          Daddyís little helper                   Kevin sawing Alexís desk in half!       Apprentice Mimes at work


Do not argue with this man, he is hot, he is cross and he has a nail gun!



  Kevin and his evil twin at work             Mmmm, itís very white           Öand the kitchen sink?.......



ÖNo, just a cooker!                              Child labour                                  It fits!!      



Look rubbish already!                        Real work!                         Ah, thatís where I put the
                                                                                             spare Guinea pig!



Invisible pixies start                       One-legged man                         No the big black cable      
digging up the lawn                    digging a cable trench                      isnít connected yet!     

Alex is currently moving a vast amount of junk out of her cupboard (which seems to have attained the capacity of the Tardis over the years!) into the shed...which we will soon have to start referring to as the 'Studio', prior to commencing actual real, full-time work out there! Once she is in and actually producing stock, we will post the photographic evidence here.